The DAAD prize

honouring international students demonstrating exceptional social and intercultural commitment as well as exceptional academic prowess, has been around at TUHH for more than ten years!
We are now receiving nominations for the 2021 edition. More information on nomination criteria here

Past winners at TUHH of the last ten years are pictured below:


2011- Aisharya Brahma            2012 - Alain Roland Tazo   


  2013 - Sam Gachkar              2014 - Vanessa Romero Bonilla


2015 - Moses Ogun Kolade      2016 - Deepak Prakash


2017- Raquel Gonzalez Gomez    2018 - Paramesh Ponnappadas Santhini


2019 - Bruna Ribeiro Mello Alves         2020 - Sribaleji Setlur