Public Relations and Marketing Office

Welcome. We would like to give you every information you need about the TUHH: please take a look at our web site. And everything you do not find, we will. Hopefully.
Or are you interested to get more information, because you are writing an article, a book, making a picture or anything that is in public interest or you want to know more about the TUHH, Engineering Sciences in Germany or new developments in the engineering education? Don't hesitate to ask. If you are interested in getting in contact with us, please check the following addresses.
You can find us on the beautiful campus (campus map) of the TUHH, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1 (A), 2nd floor.


Rüdiger Bendlin
phone +49.40.42878-3330
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email bendlin(at)

Press Relation Officer:

Franziska Trede
phone +49.40.42878-3458
mobile +49.172.7814254
email: franziska.trede(at)

Print Project Management:

Elke Schulze
phone +49.40.42878-4040
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email: elke.schulze(at)

School Relations:

Nina Schulte
phone +49.40.42878-3875
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email nina.schulte(at)
(more information …)

Web Team:

Christina Hülsmann
phone +49.40.42878-3946
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email christina.huelsmann(at)

Gabi Geringer
phone +49.40.42878-3723
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email geringer(at)


Lena Bender
phone +49.40.42878-3558
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email: lena.bender(at)


Britta Bünning
phone +49.40.42878-3102
fax +49.40.42878-2366
email: buenning(at)