Research Coordination Team and Research Funding

The employees of the Research Coordination Team and the Graduate Academy supervises the areas of expertise and research priorities  of the TUHH and young scientific researchers.

The team also advises scientists on issues of research grant opportunities for research funding. It cooperates with the EU Office, which is located at the TuTech GmbH.

Your Contact Persons are:


Dr. Johannes Harpenau
Tel.: +49.40.42878-3574
Fax: +49.40.42878-2366
E-mail: harpenau(at)
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1 (A), Room 2.77
  • Competence Fieds
  • Contact to Institutes
Dr. Krista Schölzig
Tel.: +49.40.42878-4337
Fax: +49.40.42878-2366
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1 (A), Room 2.68
Dr.-Ing. Lilia Zenker
Tel.: +49.40.42878-3192
E-Mail: lilia.zenker(at)

  • Support and advise for the Vicepresident Research
    regarding all aspects of the TUHH growth process
    in Research
  • I3 programme
Department of International Cooperation & EU Office, Tutech Innovation GmbH
Monica Schofield
Tel.: +49.40.76629-6353
E-mail: euoffice(at)
Tutech Innovation GmbH
Harburger Schlossstraße 6-12

  • EU-Research Programs
  • HORIZON 2020, ERC
  • ECIU