Chemical Engineering (V)

Prof. Dr.
Raimund Horn, V-02

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Martin Kaltschmitt, V-09

Prof. Dr.Ing. Martin Kaltschmit

Sabine Zschunke

Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Zschunke

The school of study is responsible for the study programs in Process and Chemical Engineering (BSc and MSc) and Bioprocess Engineering (BSc and MSc), and the international MSc in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. It also has a significant involvement in the Energy and Environmental Engineering (BSc and MSc) and General Engineering Science study programs. Active participation by the School’s institutes in the TUHH’s research centers Integrated Biotechnology and Process Engineering, Regeneration, Implants, Medical Technology, and Climate Protecting Energy- and Environmental Engineering reflects the breadth of research activities. Biotechnology research is held in especially high national and international regard and is at the same time one of the School’s special research areas.