Digital Teaching

Tailor-made digital solutions for the various courses at the TU Hamburg are realized through close cooperation between the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), the Institute for Technical Education and University Didactics (ITBH), and the Computer Center.

Stud.IP and ILIAS, as the TU Hamburg's learning management system, form the ideal platform for the development and design of digital teaching and learning processes. The tools available there are well suited for a wide variety of collaborative and communicative as well as activating teaching/learning scenarios.

A separate Wordpress instance also enables web blogs to be set up, which can be used in particular for group work. Etherpads, Gitbooks and, as social networking software, HumHub are also used for media-supported collaborative work. Mahara can be used to create and manage e-portfolios.

This toolbox results in an attractive offering for diverse learning scenarios. To encourage students to think and participate in large events, the TU Hamburg works with Clicker systems including new functions such as the integrated backchannel.

An overview of all tools that can be used for digital teaching at the TU Hamburg is provided by the "Decision Trees Digital Tools", a joint project of the ZLL, the ITBH and the Computing Center.

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