Welcome to the TU Hamburg!

Welcome to one of the most successful universities in the North!

My name is Kerstin Kuchta and I am the Vice President Academic Affairs. Our internationally oriented Technical University is a place of education with a personal mentoring relationship. Those who study with us prepare themselves for the challenges of the future and learn to expand the horizons of technology, science and society. Therefore, we have high standards for our teaching. At TU Hamburg, students can acquire comprehensive skills for their successful careers.

On this page, I present an overview of teaching at our TU. From the transition from school to university, all the way to graduation, students can participate in exciting and inspiring courses, as well as in other projects and take advantage of additional offerings related to their studies. You can experience our central infrastructure for teaching with the help of our interactive graphic "Teaching at the TU Hamburg". Click through the diverse and exciting offers around your studies with us. At every stage of your studies - from the very beginning to your successful graduation - you will find a variety of opportunities for your involvement with us. Let us inspire you and get involved. I look forward to seeing you!

Studying at TUHH

Teaching Mission Statement of the Hamburg University of Technology 

TUHH is a place of education. Those who study with us prepare themselves for the challenges of the future and learn to broaden the horizons of technology, science and society. Students acquire comprehensive skills for a successful career.

We have high demands on our teaching. The unity and freedom of research and teaching form the basis for this. We are committed to open and respectful interaction as well as a culture of appreciation and equal appreciation and equal opportunities. Commitment in studies and teaching is given special recognition. Social responsibility, critical thinking and environmental awareness are part of our engineering education and are an important part of research and teaching. We also prepare our students for the challenges of digitalization.

We are an internationally oriented university of technology with a personal mentoring relationship. We enable individual learning even in large courses, offer interdisciplinary development perspectives and promote the personal development of all members of the TUHH. The acquired competence and knowledge are applied and deepened in problem-based courses. Concrete, practice-related questions are worked on in teams. Digital and innovative teaching and testing concepts enable our students to learn independently and sustainable.

We bear responsibility together

Students at the TUHH take responsibility for their own development. They are characterized by independence and willingness to perform. In addition, they are active in courses as well as in the evaluation of teaching evaluation and are involved in student self-administration.

Lecturers design their teaching and examinations in such a way that they best meet the intended learning objectives. They convince through their expertise and arouse interest in their field of research. They design exams to be transparent and fair and solicit feedback to develop their courses.

Service units and administration create the necessary infrastructure and efficient study and examination planning to enable good teaching and learning. They also support this through transparent quality assurance, individual advising and create the framework for innovative teaching formats.

The university management advocates the political framework of this mission statement to the Hamburg Senate and takes it into account in strategic decisions.

Together, we develop teaching in the committees of academic self-government.