Welcome to Research and Transfer at TUHH!

TUHH is a young and dynamic university of technology with around 100 professors and 7800 students. Based on excellent fundamental and applied research, TUHH scientists reach out into the Hamburg region.

TUHH is a member of ECIU University. Within this international framework, our scientists contribute tangible solutions to the societal challenges of UN-SDG 11. In numerous other national and international research collaborations, they create the bases for the answers of future societal or technological challenges with fundamental research, or use their engineering knowledge directly for solving the problems of today.

 Influenced by the idea that innovation and new technical solutions are often created at the border lines between disciplines, the research structure of TUHH is built with the intention of facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration between the TUHH scientists. Therefore, TUHH has not opted for a structure consisting of faculties or departments, but instead is organized into a matrix of three Areas of Expertise and three Cross-Disciplinary Engineering Sciences, as shown in the figure below. The Areas of Expertise address the fields of Green Technologies, Life Science Technologies and Aviation and Maritime Systems, all of which are of great relevance both for society and the Hamburg region. Technological solutions are often based on the Cross-Disciplinary Engineering Sciences digitalization, new materials and engineering methods, which are all represented at TUHH in an excellent way. Within the main research matrix, a multitude of substructures foster an active and differentiated research environment.

The TUHH sees itself as an innovation driver. It actively promotes the process of cooperation between enterprises and researchers, especially in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Knowledge transfer to industry, commercial enterprises and the general public form an important part of TUHH, as does the support of founding activities. Well-established structures aid in these endeavors, such as TUTECH Innovation GmbH, StartUp Dock, Hamburg Open Science and more.

I invite you to explore our portfolio and to contact our team for more detailed information.

Irina Smirnova

Vice President Research