Ending your studies / deregistration

If you no longer want to continue your studies at the TUHH you will need to apply for deregistration. You will find the application form here. Please fill it out in full, sign it and send it to the admissions office. If you have successfully completed your studies or have conclusively failed an examination, you will be deregistered automatically and do not need to submit the application yourself.

Please note: You can apply for deregistration at every time. Backdated deregistrations are excluded. Applications for exmatriculation at a future date, coming into effect at the end of the semester e.g., can be submitted and processed one month before the end of the semester at the earliest. And if you are planning to switch to another university, do not deregister with us until you have received admission from them. You do not need to deregister here to apply to study elsewhere. As a rule you will only need to submit your student enrollment verification (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung).

Deregistration and exams? After exmatriculation, the entitlement to take examinations applies only to the examination period for the last full semester for which the student was reregistered or enrolled. If students are deregistered for finally failing an examination, their entitlement to take examinations for the study program in question shall cease with immediate effect.

Note for calling up certificates after de-registration After deregistration you will have access to the TUHH-Computer Center-account for a maximum period of 6 months. Certificates can be downloaded from the TUNE portal for a period of six months after de-registration. For future use you should print necessary documents like enrolment certificates or transcripts of records within this period. After the expiration of this term confirmations or certificates have to be paid. After this period has expired, please contact the responsible Examination Office for examination matters and the Student Services (STUDIS) for study matters.

You won't be able to continue your studies due to, for example, child education? In the following instances you are entitled to deregister for a limited period and reregister at a later date:

  • Military or alternative civilian service
  • Maternity / Paternity leave or home care
  • Study abroad

The legal basis is "Satzung über das Studium an der TUHH". But please get in contact with STUDIS before applying for such kind of deregistration.

Study finished. What next? Click here for information about reregistering after completing your degree course.