Hamburger Volkshochschule

General Information

Welcome to the home page of the general language programme of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). By order of the TUHH the Hamburger Volkshochschule offers courses in the languages English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and German as a foreign Language.

We review our programme each semester and offer these and further language courses according to the current demand.

In all courses general language skills are taught. The English courses furthermore contain elements in English for technical purposes.

On presentation of a valid semester certificate all courses are free of charge for students of the TUHH and as well for members of the university staff.

Our language courses cover the five competence levels from A1 to C1 following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the European Council.

We would like to help you to develop your proficiency in foreign languages in a focused way. If you intend to gain credits for foreign language course in non-technical subjects, please be aware of the procedures laid down in the curriculum .

For you to gain credits for a foreign language course, you have to pass an additional course achievement and the final exam.

A special note on recognition/eligibility subject to previous language background:

As a matter of principle, language courses in the language or languages in which your course is taught, i.e. German and/or English, only count toward credits if you gained your university entrance qualification in another language. 

German: counts toward credits only if the language in which you gained your university entrance qualification was not German.

Study program at the TUHH

Eligible course levels

All German-language bachelor’s and master’s programs

Level C1.1and higher

ES/GES bachelor’s program

Level B1.2 and higher

English-language master’s programs

All (according to grading)

English: only level C2 courses count towards credits in the English-language and bilingual (IWI and ES/GES) programs. In German-language programs it counts toward credits only if the language in which you gained your university entrance qualification was not English.

For all other languages no courses in a student’s native language are eligible to count toward credits.