Regenerative Energien

(Renewable Energy)

Icon Regenerative Energien Two-year Master of Science course

In recent decades energy consumption and its anthropogenic environmental impact have risen continuously and the demand for affordable energy will continue to increase in the future. In view of the limited buffer capacity of natural systems, this environmental pollution must, however, increasingly be reduced. A significant reduction in energy-related greenhouse gas emissions is only one consequence, albeit the one most widely discussed. Greater use of regenerative energy, of water, wind and solar power, of biomass and geothermal energy, can make a major contribution to a solution to this challenge. 

That is why the aim of this master’s degree program is to convey the possibilities of and limits to the provision of heating, electricity and fuels by the regenerative energy sources solar power, geothermal heat and planetary gravitation and movement. The characteristics and aspects of regenerative energy are addressed, as are the resulting requirements of conversion plant technology and the plant and systems engineering and the economic and ecological basics of the individual options for utilizing regenerative energies. In addition, aspects of the integration of regenerative energy based plant and systems into the existing energy system—both in Germany and elsewhere in Europe—are discussed and issues of energy storage and development of regenerative energy projects are raised and dealt with in depth in seminars on current issues in this subject area. 

Overall, the program conveys a comprehensive knowledge of practically all options for the utilization of available renewable energies, their use in the energy system, and selected related aspects.

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