Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

(International Management and Engineering)

Two-year Master of Science course

The TUHH takes the view that a three-year Bachelor course comprising 50 percent engineering and 50 percent economics does not impart to students sufficiently sound knowledge to hold their own on the labor market. The TUHH is therefore embarking on a new path: the Industrial Engineering program consists of:

  1. A Bachelor program in engineering science (at the TUHH or another university of technology) and
  2. The TUHH’s Master program in Industrial Engineering Management

The TUHH Master Program in International Management and Engineering teaches business and management skills for occupational fields in industry.

The course also provides the opportunity to specialize in the following fields of engineering:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Aviation Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Product Development and Production
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Process Engineering and Biotechnology

The third semester, which includes many compulsory elective courses, is an especially good time for a semester abroad. The TUHH is very keen to encourage this alternative and will offer special programs with partner universities.

The main features of the program in short:

  • The TUHH concept combines the internationally customary MBA contents and teaching methods with the tried and tested approaches and contents of the industrial engineering program so as to form an innovative MSc concept.
  • The program is distinguished by its international orientation and systematic preparation for management responsibilities.
  • The Engineering Electives include the option to major in Mechanical Engineering, Process and Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, and Logistics.
  • Consecutive model: The program builds on a BSc course in engineering.
  • Courses are held in English or German. Students make spend a semester abroad at a partner university of the TUHH.
  • To implement this innovative program the TUHH is appointing new professors who will add further strength to the technology-oriented economic sciences at the TUHH.

Further Information:

    All admission modalities are laid down in the Satzung über das Studium (Statutes on Studying at the TUHH).

    All Information about required precognitions can be found here.

    The Module Handbook describes the concrete difinitions of a programm's modules and the educational objectives. They also give information about content, recommended precognitions and preparation literature 

    The basic conditions of TUHH examinations are regulated by the General Provisions (ASPO) and the current regulation and course plan (FSPO).

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