(Computer Science and Engineering)

Two-year Master of Science course

Building on the knowledge acquired on the Bachelor course, the Master Program in Computer Science and Engineering teaches students the skills required to analyze engineering and computer science problems independently and to devise and make wise use of scientific methods of solving them. The Master Program in Computer Science and Engineering enables all graduates to work successfully throughout their working lives, since it deliberately refrains from teaching currently valid contents, but instead concentrates on theoretically underpinned fundamental concepts and methods that will outlast current trends. The overall course design takes account of this overriding objective. Basic concepts are presented in a connected way that cuts across disciplines in interdisciplinary lectures. Students receive a sound training in mathematical principles, and are offered extension and consolidation modules in individual areas. The course focuses mainly on theory-related subject lectures and specialist courses that train students for independent scientific work. Compulsory elective subject modules introduce students to current research topics. A further characteristic feature of the Master Program in Computer Science and Engineering is a strong research orientation. Moreover, the program is embedded in current research and development projects, for example in the context of the Master’s thesis, making it strongly practice-oriented.

Further Information:

All admission modalities are laid down in the Satzung über das Studium (Statutes on Studying at the TUHH).

All Information about required precognitions can be found here.

The Module Handbook describes the concrete difinitions of a programm's modules and the educational objectives. They also give information about content, recommended precognitions and preparation literature 

The basic conditions of TUHH examinations are regulated by the General Provisions (ASPO) and the current regulation and course plan (FSPO).



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