Mechanical Engineering and Management

Nowadays, engineers work not only as designers or as problem solvers in technical issues, but also fill management positions and have to make strategic and operative decisions. Therefore, engineers also need a basic understanding of management and business studies. Graduates, who already bring along both, specialized knowledge in engineering as well as basic understanding of business administration, have excellent prospects in the labor market.
The international master study course “Mechanical Engineering and Management“ gives students with a bachelor´s degree in mechanical engineering or similar the opportunity to deepen their engineering knowledge in one of three technical specifications, Materials, Mechatronics, or Product Development and Production, and provides further knowledge in management and business administration. Graduates are well prepared for a future career in industry as technical and executive managers with budget and personnel responsibilities or could take up a career in research e.g. in a Ph.D. program.

Figure 1: Course structure of Mechanical Engineering and Management


The program is organized as a two-year course (four semesters) which starts on 1st October each year (in total 120 credit point [ECTS]). The course combines engineering and management disciplines. Students specialize by attending the Management specialization (mandatory, 18 credit points) and by selecting one engineering specialization:

  • Materials (18 credit points)
  • Mechatronics (18 credit points)
  • Product Development and Production (18 credit points)

Solely students of the Northern Institute of Technology Management, studying in the double degree program, are not allowed to take the Management specialization, but have to choose two engineering specializations. Within each area of specialization students can choose within a catalogue of modules (each covering 6 CP). The third and the fourth semester focus on research work where students have to complete two theses (Research Project (12 CP) and Master Thesis (30 CP)). The "Master of Science" degree will be awarded. Program Language is English.

All admission modalities are laid down in the Satzung über das Studium (Statutes on Studying at the TUHH).

The Module Handbook describes the concrete difinitions of a programm's modules and the educational objectives. They also give information about content, recommended precognitions and preparation literature 

The basic conditions of TUHH examinations are regulated by the General Provisions (ASPO) and the current regulation and course plan (FSPO).



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