Three Year Bachelor of Science Course

Technomathematics is “mathematics for makers.” For anyone with an interest in mathematics who wants to play a part in the upcoming changes in the world, a degree in technomathematics is a good choice.

Technomathematics is an area of applied mathematics that specializes in collaborating in technical tasks, and is therefore involved in a large proportion of tasks for the future. Whether in solving the pressing problems caused by humankind’s impact on the climate, in the associated necessary reorientation of energy supply to an ever-growing human population, in mastering the uncertainties involved in feeding the world’s population, in providing new mobility technologies or in organizing dealings between peoples and states, the provision of usable technologies always involves a need to solve mathematical problems. Mathematics is the foundation of all science and is therefore omnipresent.

The Institutes for Mathematics of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the University of Hamburg (UHH) bundle their lectures to deliver a wide-ranging mathematics offering to students. The TUHH delivers the necessary training in practical computer science for the practical implementation of results on computers. At the TUHH, the technical application areas for technomathematics will come mainly from its research center focuses, which are On- and Offshore Civil Engineering Structures, Integrated Biotechnology and Process Engineering, Climate-Protecting Energy and Environmental Engineering, Aeronautics, Maritime Systems, Product-Oriented Materials Development, Regeneration, Implants, Medical Technology, and Self-Organizing Mobile Sensor and Radio Data Transmission Networks.

The Bachelor degree qualifies graduates for a profession and for continuing their studies on one of several Master’s programs.

With a Bachelor degree in Technomathematics you can continue your studies at the TUHH or UHH in:

–> Technomathematik (Technomathematics) UHH+TUHH
–> Mathematik (Mathematics) UHH
–> Computational Informatics TUHH
–> Informatik-Ingenieurwesen (Computer Science and Engineering) TUHH
–> Theoretischer Maschinenbau (Theoreticla Mechanical Engineering) TUHH

(each a two year Master of Science course)