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Naval Architecture Offers Opportunities

Today, 95 percent of world trade is transported by sea, making ships more than just a “mode of transport.” They are the backbone of the global economy. A container ship, for example, incorporates much the same amount of knowhow as an Airbus, and key technologies are used in the development of both. In view of the competition, building modern types of ship such as passenger and ro/ro vessels, container ships, mega yachts, or naval vessels requires a high level of technical expertise and swift action.

Hamburg with its port – the world’s fifth largest – bears the hallmark of shipbuilding and shipping like few other cities. The TUHH is the only university in Germany to offer a separate B.Sc. program in Naval Architecture that introduces students to the “ship” system at an early stage.

At a Glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Duration of Study: 6 semesters

If you are interested in greater detail we recommend you study the curriculum and the module manual as sources of information. To prepare for a successful study program we also recommend the online math bridge course.

Before Studying

Career-related Placement

Students are required to serve a ten-week career-related placement. The best time to do so is before starting their studies. We urgently recommend you to do so. Practical work may be divided into several sections or different companies. Placements/internships count as education in the tertiary sector and qualify for BAföG student loans. Please read the Internship Regulations before taking up your internship. You will find them here.

After Your B.Sc.

Further Study Programs

The following master’s study programs are available for further studies. The study duration is four semesters.

Dual Study Program

The Bachelor’s study program in Naval Architecture is also available as a dual study program under the heading dual@TUHH. It combines theory at the university level and practice in well-known enterprises. Dual here stands not for a combination of university study and vocational training but for a university course complemented by extended internships and an introduction to the company. Students receive a monthly remuneration of between € 800 and € 900. Applications to companies are best made early and preferably a year before commencing the study program. For further information visit the following site:

Important Contacts

In addition to the AStA, or Students’ Union, the Naval Architecture Student Council (Fachschaftsrat) is happy to provide information from the student’s viewpoint at

Further Information

All admission modalities are laid down in the Satzung über das Studium (Statutes on Studying at the TUHH).

One precondition is a ten-week pre-study placement, the details of which are dealt with in the Internship Regulations. Proof of this internship is not finally required until you register for your thesis, but you are urgently recommended, for reasons of both content and organization, to serve it before taking up your studies.

The study program objectives specify the skills and competences that are acquired and proven by concluding a study program successfully. They serve both as a commitment and to provide transparency for the labor market.

The module manuals describe the details and learning objectives of the modules prescribed in the study plan. They also provide information about content, recommended previous knowledge, and preparatory literature.