Computer Science

Three-year Bachelor of Science Course

Computer science, along with biotechnology, medical engineering and nanotechnology, is the key technology of the twenty-first century. It permeates many areas of our daily lives – not only communications and entertainment, but also security, transport and logistics, house and home. The demand for well-trained computer science graduates in industry and research institutes is as high as ever, and increasing disproportionately in companies in the non-IT sector, which are increasingly maintaining IT departments of their own. This leads to excellent labor market demand and to a wide sphere of activity in a variety of specialized disciplines.

The program for Bachelor in Computer Science offers a scientifically well-grounded course of study that is geared to basic principles, focusing mainly on software technology, applied mathematics and business administration. Graduates are enabled to deal with complex problems using computer science methods and algorithmic implementation. In particular, they will be capable of designing complex software systems.

The Bachelor’s course offers an international orientation through English-medium courses, work in an environment where research and teaching converge, and a balanced ratio of theory to practice. The majority of the events are held in German. No programming skills are required to join this course.

The Bachelor’s degree is a professional qualification and holders may continue their studies on the Master’s program of the same name.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you can continue your studies at the TUHH in:

–> Computer Science

(A two-year Master of Science course)